January 2014: Utah Gears Up as 2014 Brings a Fresh Start

  1. New Year, New Health Website
    At the beginning of the New Year, BYU graduate Rich Millar launched his website that focuses on preventing health issues by encouraging healthy lifestyle changes.
    The website, entitled HEALTH MOVEMENT is a free website that connects the online health community through events, goals, and forums. Millar hopes that the website will motivate people to avoid disease through living a more healthy life.
  2. Eagle Mountain Business Incubator Partners with UVU Business Resource Center
    Because of the high number of home-based businesses in Eagle Mountain, a business incubator was set up to take these home-run businesses to the next level. Many of the businesses that have been aided by the incubator are family businesses, which was not the original target group of the incubator. However, after assessing the needs of the area, it became obvious that home offices needed more help than other businesses in the city of Eagle Mountain. The incubator is run by the city, and has partnered with Utah Valley University’s Business Resource Center.
  3. Job Growth Looking Great for Utah
    Over 300,000 jobs are projected to grow out of Utah’s economy over the next six years. Although many of the jobs are expected to be in the lower paying industries like retail and food services, that much growth could supplement all of the losses from the recession. About 20 percent of the jobs added in this time period will replace jobs lost from the recession. The other 80 percent will be new jobs in addition to what was already there.
  4. Cedar Fort, Inc. Grows as a Publishing Company
    Publishing company Cedar Fort, Inc., based in Springville, is expanding its warehouse to accommodate the growth in printing projects it has received. Cedar Fort publishes books according to a model called Lean Manufacturing. The company’s employees are divided into teams, which include an acquisitions editor, editor, designer, and marketer, so that the author can work on a more intimate basis with the entire publishing process.
  5. Utah’s Tourism Industry Booms
    Utah’s tourism industry has generated almost a billion dollars in tax revenue in previous years. The expectation for 2013 will be more than $1 billion. The outdoor opportunities in Utah, like camping, biking, and skiing are a huge draw for the tourist industry. The tourism board has begun marketing in places like Los Angeles and New York City to attract more tourists.
  6. NuSkin’s Chinese Accusations and Lawsuit
    An article was recently published in China that denigrated NuSkin as a pyramid scheme, claiming that NuSkin does not follow China’s labor regulations. Whether or not the allegations in the article are true, NuSkin’s stock has taken the largest dip in the last ten years.
    A class action lawsuit has been filed against NuSkin after shareholders lost large sums of money from NuSkin’s drop in shares by 44%. An investigation is ongoing to determine whether or not NuSkin was in fact violating any Chinese regulations as has been claimed.
  7. Utah Valley Business Person of the Year and Rising Star Awards
    The Utah Valley Business Person of the Year Award went to Elaine Porter with Landmark Catering for her exceptional business acumen within the catering field. Landmark Catering has been in business for 16 years, and Elaine runs the company with her husband.
    The Rising Star Award was awarded to Jared Morgan of Downtown Provo, Inc. With two short years as executive director for Downtown Provo Inc., Morgan has made Downtown Provo a self-sustaining organization and has increased revenue.
  8. EyeCare4Kids Gives to Children
    EyeCare4Kids was founded in 2006 by Utah resident Joseph Carbone. The business is a nonprofit dedicated to giving glasses to kids that cannot afford them. Carbone is an optician that practiced at a regular glasses business, until a young Navajo boy was given glasses by an anonymous benefactor. Shortly thereafter, EyeCare4Kids was born and has since given classes to 6,000 underprivileged children.
  9. Tacky Fly Fishing Starts Up and Gives Fly Fishermen a Better Fly Box
    Tacky Fly Fishing is a local startup business that started when some fly fishermen experienced complete disarray with their flies. They have since developed a product that allows them to keep their fly boxes in better order, making fly fishing a little more relaxing.
  10. Women’s Financial Group Opens a New Location
    Zion’s Bank founded the Women’s Financial Group in 1997. Since then, the group has been able to lend to women-owned businesses throughout Utah. Recently, the group opened their own office in downtown Salt Lake, so that they can continue to benefit female business owners in a male-dominated market. The group hopes to even out the playing ground in an area where most businesses are owned by men.

Photo cred: Flickr, a4gpa

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